About Us
Our Story

It was the year 2005, when two veterans Jacob Santosh and Shivakumar entered the nascent stage of events and activations. They began sailing the ship of creativity and innovation with immense passion and fervour. The industry of events and promotions which was then finding its feet received a shot in the arm with the birth of Network 8 Promotions and Events India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Journey

Since our inception, we have mirrored the journey of flourishing in events and activations. Our long-standing commitment in contemporary thinking, result-oriented campaigns and technological implementation at the intersection of changing platforms has led us to building enduring relations.

Over the past 10 years, we have linked our associates, partners and suppliers into an infinitely growing network that has expanded across various regions to enable execution of the campaign in almost any destination, global or national. We are now an organisation that is home to over 150 employees who have branched out into Malaysia, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore and Bangalore, to capacitate 6 offices.

Why choose Us

From day one, our commitment to innovate and stay at par with the latest trends has made us a favourite among our clients.
An essential aspect of running a successful event is the ability to optimise resources, be it in terms of conceptualization or execution, this is one of our prime objectives.
Talent when not implemented rightly is a waste, at Network8 we believe that all our strengths put into action is the reason for our success.

Why choose TiLT

TiLT works smoothly and rapidly on any device owing to its fully valid code and decent approach to design of each and every content element.
We at The White Collars are dedicated to constantly improve our products. New features get added all the time to give you the best user experience.
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